Continuing professional development (CPD) courses

“Our CPD events aim to provide an experiential learning space for coaches that is highly practical and inspiring.” 

During 2014, we are pleased to introduce a series of options for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for experienced coaches and our Alumni. This programme aims to offer inspiring, experiential and highly practical development to enhance your coaching practice.

These sessions are very intimate with a restricted number of participants, as we want to create an incredible learning space and experience for you.

Who is our CPD programme aimed at? 

  • Our CPD workshops and programmes are for experienced coaches and/or our alumni.
  • To attend our CPD workshops you will need to have completed previous coach training with us or be an experienced coach. An interview process is in place to assess potential participants for these workshops.

What CPD programmes do you offer?

We are currently offering 3 CPD programmes:

  • 'Coaching and Mindfulness' (2 days)
  • 'A Gestalt Approach to Coaching' (2 days)

These are all detailed below. 

For more information on any of the workshops or to book a place on one, just contact us today

Coaching and Mindfulness (2 days)

Some of the now much-discussed benefits of developing a mindful meditation practice speak directly to some of the biggest challenges that face us as coaches in serving our clients in the most helpful way, consistently. Benefits such as an enhanced ability to be present, calm and focused and having an increased sense of connection, empathy and compassion are at the core of good coaching. Many coaches report that developing a mindfulness practice has had more impact on their coaching and facilitation work than any other self-development they have done.

When you look at this list of benefits and add to it those connected with general health and wellbeing, it is also apparent that mindfulness can impact many aspects of your life. As such, it can also be hugely helpful to some clients, whether that means helping them to become more grounded and connected as a leader or coping better with vast workloads and stress.

In this workshop we will explore in more depth the benefits that becoming more mindful can bring to your coaching, and also when and how you might introduce mindfulness to clients.

Most importantly, mindfulness is practice not theory, and in order to really begin to understand what it is ‘to be mindful’, it is necessary to experience it - not just talk (or read) about it.

Module aims

The module aims to help you

  • learn what mindfulness is and is not
  • understand the neuropsychology and benefits of a mindfulness practice
  • learn techniques for presence, grounding and centring as coach
  • learn at least 3 mindfulness meditation practices
  • develop a sense of how mindfulness might benefit your practice as a coach

Workshop Faculty

The workshops are facilitated by Damion Wonfor and Sally Bogle - you can read more about these highly experienced individuals on our faculty page.

A Gestalt approach to coaching (2 days)

The goal of Gestalt Coaching is raising a client’s awareness of how he/she is currently experiencing or making meaning of reality, so that he or she has more choices and can take more responsibility for designing or authorising his or her own life.  

Getstalt coaching concentrates on helping client’s develop awareness

  • of how they are currently seeing or experiencing things
  • of what other ways they could see or experience the same things.

The ultimate aim is to help the client see things more positively (without losing a sense of reality).

How does Gestalt Coaching do this?

  1. Method 1:  Through creative experiments which are designed solely to develop the client’s awareness
  2. Method 2: Through developing a dialogic or horizontal relationship
  3. Method 3: Through mindfulness training and activities

Module aims

This module aims to help you

  • understand the meaning of the word Gestalt
  • draw the Gestalt cycle or wave of awareness; explain the interconnections between that cycle and the Gestalt cycle of contact and withdrawal and the Gestalt cycle of figure and ground - and give illustrative examples from their coaching sessions
  • understand why awareness is a central feature of Gestalt
  • understand what is meant by the field and explain how an individual actively (although unconsciously) organizes his / her field
  • use experiments and experimental approaches to help coachees radically increase their awareness – especially their awareness in relationship to the life dilemmas they bring to coaching sessions
  • describe an equal or horizontal coaching relationship and co-create such a relationship.  

Leadership Embodiment

As coaches, facilitators, trainers and supervisors, the quality of our presence and our capacity to remain clear, compassionate and resourceful in highly charged situations are among the most powerful gifts we bring to our clients. Our ‘Leadership Embodiment’ CPD programme is designed to equip you with the skills needed to deliver these gifts.

Leadership Embodiment is based on principles from Aikido and Mindfulness. Using mild physical pressure to simulate typical stressors, it supports us to access the kind of clarity, efficiency and ease experienced when in the zone or what is referred to as your “centered” self.

The result is a shift in attention to a different way of looking at and experiencing challenging situations. This, in turn, changes the body chemistry and physiology as we move from our “personality” or “reactive state” to our centered state creating a more resourceful response in the moment.

Module aims

This 2-day module, led by Embodied Leadership Coach and Coaching Supervisor Monica Ross, aims to help you to

  • return to a centered, resourceful state when under pressure.
  • recognise your own “signature response” to stressors.
  • discover how stress can impact you in your work with clients.
  • engage in difficult interactions and conversations with greater calm and clarity.

More information

For more information on any of the workshops or to book a place, just contact us today.