Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Development

Below you'll find information about our Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Development qualification. This can be taken as

  • a standalone course
  • the first year of our 3 year programme in coaching 
  • the first year of our MSc in coaching

Course overview


The course involves / includes:

  • 6 workshops over 11 days (in addition, there is a 1 day induction/research methods workshop at Portsmouth University Business School which takes place after Workshop 1)
  • personal tutor
  • 2 x 4,000 word work-based learning projects
  • 30 hours coaching practice
  • reflective practice
  • learning portfolio submission
  • 4 x virtual group supervision sessions
  • co-supervision
  • access to online learning resources e.g. films, webinars
  • access to Portsmouth University Library

Please note that participants of our Postgraduate Certificate may complete the EMCC Practitioner Award (EQA) at the same time by increasing their coaching hours to 36 hours.


Module 1: Foundation coaching skills

Our 3-day module will start by introducing you to the background of coaching and the key fields which have influenced its growth and practice today. You will then learn the fundamental pillars of great coaching conversations and how to effectively structure and facilitate a conversation with a coachee. Critical coaching skills such as generative listening and insightful questioning will be developed too.

Building on the foundational elements of day one, we will move on to cover key areas such as coaching styles, boundaries and critically developing an effective coaching relationship with your clients. You will explore the concepts of “The Inner Game” and its application to yourself and your coachees. We will also share some creative techniques for generating new awareness and options to maximise your impact during a coaching session. 

Day 3 will look at how we use challenge to create a shift in our coachee’s thinking whilst maintaining the relationship, and learn specific techniques to do this. We will also explore the importance of 'contracting' during the coaching relationship. Finally, you will discuss the reflective practice and accreditation requirements for your programme. 

Completing this module will enable you to:

  • develop core coach competencies
  • understand the key skills and models for coaching and be able to apply these in a coaching relationship
  • be able to define coaching and understand the range of coaching styles
  • understand the boundaries for a coaching relationship and how to contract effectively
  • explore the importance of supervision within coaching
  • learn to self-reflect and appraise coaching capabilities to identify areas for personal development in coaching, and plan for new learning.

Module 2: Creating insights

The focus of this 2-day module is initially on how you can create a deeper awareness of yourself as a coach and how you are developing as a practitioner, and how to identify preferences and opportunities for potential and growth. We will discuss the concept of emotional intelligence, applying this both to your own development as a coach and your work with leaders.

We will explore the relational dynamics occurring between you and your coachee, and build your capacity to manage these as a way of holding the peer-to-peer relationship.

We will develop your capability to work at a deeper level by working with your coachee’s values and beliefs and use models for behavioural and personal change. A final focus of this module will be on exploring the importance of supervision to sustain an ethical coaching practice.

In completing this module you will:

  • explore your vision and identity as a coach; understanding your signature strengths and areas of focus
  • become more self aware and emotionally intelligent as a coach
  • learn to self evaluate performance and ways of being as a coach
  • be able to help clients develop emotional intelligence and personal insight
  • explore a number of different concepts and tools which generate personal insights in others and enable personal change.

Module 3: Applied positive pyschology in coaching

This two-day module aims to provide you with a coaching application of recent advances in the field of positive psychology. The module connects you with the key concepts of using strengths and an appreciative approach in your work with clients with a view to helping them achieve an optimal performance state and flow.

In addition this module focuses on the use of a transpersonal approach in coaching, its origins and assumptions in how to work with your coachees at a deeper level, helping them access the values, “qualities” and guiding principles that truly engage their behaviour. We will look at models of performance and the transpersonal concept of subpersonalities as well as tools for working with a sense of meaning. Finally, this module will explore the mindset of the coach in accessing potential with coachees.

After completing this module you will:

  • understand the different tools, concepts and approaches from positive psychology and how these can be used to impact learning and performance 
  • help systems and clients to become more resilient and have more of a strengths-based focus
  • be better able to work with purpose and meaning 
  • be able to use transpersonal tools and techniques to create deep awareness and personal change. 

Module 4: Coaching leaders

During this 2-day module you will explore the latest thinking, frameworks and models for leadership and as part of this work you will explore your role in coaching leaders and practical applications in the field.

In addition, you will look at approaches that generate a deeper sense of authentic self and flexibility of leadership style within your clients to maximise their impact on the teams and organisations they lead. As part of this module you will review the psychological processes you will experience in practice, so you can maximise the value you bring and your impact as a coach.

You will specifically develop the capacity to coach leaders in role transition, enable leaders to develop effective teams and hold more systemic conversations to create insight of the wider organisational context and the influence it brings.

In completing this module you will:

  • gain an understanding of key leadership models and frameworks 
  • explore models, tools and concepts for effective leadership development
  • experience practical tools and techniques which are congruent with developing leaders
  • learn how to enable leaders to create a vision for their leadership, think strategically and problem-solve
  • learn how to coach leaders in transition

Coach integration day

On our coach integration day you will:

  • be assessed on your current level of coaching capability
  • participate in group supervision
  • reflect on development throughout the programme, identifying key strengths and future focus for practitioner development including supervision
  • review certification requirements.

More information

For more information about this qualification, feel free to contact us.