Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Development

Below you'll find information about our Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Development qualification, which can be taken as

Course content / features

Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching Course Overview

The course involves / includes:

  • 5 workshops over 10 days
  • group supervision sessions after each module
  • co-supervision sessions
  • personal tutor
  • 2 x 4,000 word work-based learning projects
  • 60 hours coaching practice
  • reflective practice
  • learning portfolio submission
  • 4 x virtual group supervision sessions
  • access to online learning resources – videos, webinars and programme of Coach Master Classes.

Participants of the Postgraduate Diploma may complete the EMCC Senior Practitioner Award (EQA) by extending their coaching hours to 90 hours of practice.

Course modules for Postgraduate Diploma

Note: modules are numbered from 5 up to reflect the fact that this course forms the second year of our MSc in Coaching and Development / our three year coaching programme (and picks up from module 4 of the Postgraduate Certificate / EMCC Practitioner qualification). For those taking the course as a standalone programme, module 5 is the first instalment of the training.

Module 5: Transformational coaching

On the first day of this module, you will be introduced to the latest insights from neuropsychology on brain structure, the mind and emotions. You will learn how these impact upon your coaching relationships, your work with emotions and your clients’ capacity for change so that you can apply a more brain-based approach to your coaching practice to maximise your impact.

During days 2 and 3, you will explore at a deeper level some of the transpersonal concepts that you covered during Workshop 3, 'Applied positive psychology in coaching' (see our Postgraduate Certificate page). In particular we will focus on the way you as a coach can work generatively with your coachee, engaging in deeper and more meaningful levels of communication in order to create transformational shifts in their coaching outcomes.

We will also look at working with supersonalities at a deeper level in the context of a model of consciousness that considers potential as always merging. Key skills around the use of imagery and visualization will be covered.

Finally, we will explore the psychological processes engaging the “Will” in the coachee in order to activate behavioural change and generate productive outcomes in your coaching.

By completing this module you will:

  • learn how to create a deep awareness of values, beliefs and identity with clients
  • introduce a range of tools and techniques into your coaching for working with coachees at deeper levels to unlock barriers and help them reach their potential
  • learn how to create internal transformation to enable outstanding high performance
  • learn how to give into a high performance state to serve coaches

Module 6: Systemic coaching in organisations

During this 2-day module, you will explore how to create more systemic insight within your coachees, developing their awareness of the systemic influences and forces impacting upon their work, teams and themselves.

Throughout the 2 days this training will empower you to use embodied systemic coaching in your own personal and professional explorations and in coaching sessions with clients.

You will also develop your capacity to utilise a solution-focused approach within your systemic coaching practice by learning approaches and techniques to hold solution-centred conversations.

In completing this module you will:

  • be introduced to concepts of the field and the system
  • develop your understanding of the 4 ways of knowing
  • explore and apply the CLEAR Model of Systemic Coaching
  • develop your use of several different methods of mapping personal, organizational and
  • ecological systems (desk-top; floor markers; human representatives) in coaching sessions
  • practise each of the stages of the CLEAR Model of Systemic Coaching

Module 7: Coaching teams and groups

This unit will widen your capacity and capability to effectively coach teams and groups using 1-2-1 coaching skills developed so far on the programme. These 2 days will also build particularly on the concepts covered during Module 6.

You will explore the latest thinking around developing effective and high performing teams and groups. You will learn TPC’s approaches, frameworks and models to execute an effective team coaching intervention and will also develop critical skills.

The final focus of this module will introduce you to managing group dynamics.

In completing this module you will:

  • learn how a team coach can enhance the performance of teams and groups
  • appreciate the complexities in coaching teams and groups.
  • explore approaches in team development and team performance and the relationship between them
  • develop core team coaching skills and approaches
  • learn techniques to influence group dynamics.

Module 8: Coaching mastery

This 2-day module explores some of the specific nuances of how to use a transpersonal approach in your coaching practice. You will learn specifically how to work with crises and failure, how to work with coachees for the expression of qualities and how to deepen commitment through more expression of the “will.”

In addition, you will explore how to use psychological preparatory techniques like mindfulness in order to be ready and present for your coaching.This unit will help you explore some of the psychological processes present for you as coach so you can fully embody your role most authentically to achieve optimal performance.

In completing this module you will:

  • assess your current level of coaching capability
  • reflect on development throughout the programme, identifying key strengths and future focus for practitioner development including supervision
  • become aware of own process when coaching, and the complexity of intra-personal and interpersonal dynamics
  • learn how to use a variety of advanced methods and techniques to address business and performance issues

Coach integration day

On our coach integration day you will:

  • be assessed on your current level of coaching capability
  • participate in group supervision
  • reflect on development throughout the programme, identifying key strengths and future focus for practitioner development including supervision
  • review certification requirements.

More information

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