Postgraduate study options / MSc in Coaching and Development

We offer the following postgraduate study options, in partnership with Portsmouth University Business School:

The Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma constitute the first and second years of study for the MSc qualification respectively. 



TPC Leadership UK, in partnership with Portsmouth University Business School, created and delivered the first MSc in Coaching in the UK approximately 8 years ago. For 2012, the curriculum has been evaluated and redesigned to create a new programme that we believe is most relevant and fit for today’s times. We have also created an enhanced learning experience, augmented with new media to create a flexible learning path.

Whether you are an internal or external coach, this postgraduate programme will help you make an incredible difference to your coachees by enabling you to create sustainable change.

We provide a holistic approach to coach development, taking the very best of what experience has shown us are the most effective disciplines for coaching, so we are not just tied to one form of coaching. Consequently, we work with a number of psychological models and other disciplines, giving coaches a range of tools and techniques that create the most impact for the coachee in their specific context.

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