Testimonials about our executive coach training programmes

What course participants have said...

Please see below for some quotes from participants about our executive coaching courses:

  • "You emerge with confidence, creativity, resilience and more important, your own personal identity, connection and authenticity."
  • "As a participant of the Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Development I have found the standard of the programme to be exceptional. Having spent 25 years in a commercial environment for blue chip organisations with 10 of those years in learning and development, I have worked with a number of providers in leadership development and executive coaching; TPC Leadership are simply the best I have experienced."
  • "I have found the standard of the coaches who run the course to be outstanding. This is my personal opinion but also one that is shared by members of the KPMG Coaching Faculty who chose this course for me and my colleague on our behalf."
  • "I have been impressed with all the TPC Leadership people I have met. Their commitment, openness and skill in developing learning have been an inspiration. I never expected such a high-level of support in developing my strengths as a coach - both on the course, and outside."
  • "Damion, Kate and Sally's openness about their own journeys, and their sheer knowledge and experience of the subject put me at complete ease."
  • "All the facilitators had a particularly engaging style."
  • "The excellent facilitation of our group meant we received a very high level of insight from experienced executive coaches."
  • "Inspirational, life-affirming. It was a privilege to spend time with the programme leaders."
  • "Everything was done professionally to a high standard. Vanessa was excellent."
  • "Very comprehensive information, all clear and accurate. I was very prepared for the workshops and felt looked after."
  • "Excellent trainers, very supportive and  very experienced, so there was a lot of knowledge to gain. The excellent venue was conducive to learning."
  • "Damion and Chris were so inspiring, careful, considerate, encouraging and modelling what we were being trained in."
  • "No hesitation in recommending this course."
  • "Damion holds the group together so lightly and skilfully."
  • "Every single topic that was covered was just immensely powerful and resonated with me" 
  • "There was a great interaction and trust between participants, which was encouraged by the openness / approachability of the facilitators. Trust was quickly established. The environment was very supportive."
  • "The best two days I’ve had so far.  Andrew and Diana were fabulous."
  • "Again Damion showed exceptional competence, understanding how to explain theory and then shift into application mode.  His approach is well balanced with anecdotal experiences, quotes and scenarios where he has applied the topic in discussion."
  • "Damion clearly has a depth of academic knowledge which underpins his coach training. This shines through and adds to his credibility and professionalism."

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